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Adley Italian Restaurant - Eat, Drink, and Love in Bangkok

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

Adley Italian restaurant located on Ratchaphruek Road in Bangkok is the newest member of an already impressive culinary dynasty. Adley is located next to and indeed owned by the same family that operates the Huasaenghong group of restaurants, a very famous Thai Chinese local chain of eateries.

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

Located in the suburbs of northwestern Bangkok about a kilometer The Walk Shopping Center Thaifoodies discovered this gem and fell in love with the Italian creations born from a Thai Chinese heritage. As Food Explorers we encourage everyone visiting Thailand to of course enjoy Thai food but also be brave and experience the different approach the amazing chefs in Thailand bring to cuisines from across the world. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Adley Italian Restaurant |

Our visit was for lunch shortly after the new year and we were hungry so we sampled several of Adley's Italian and Thai dishes and even asked for a sample of the Thai Chinese fare from next door - Adley was most happy to oblige!

Adley offers both indoor and outdoor dining. The interior is modern and minimalistic while the outdoor garden area is full of green goodness allowing guests to relax and enjoy their repast.

All your Italian favorites are here and you can order all pasta to order. The difference at Adley is that all the seafood is very fresh as it is brought in together with big brother Huaseanghong.

Chopped sautéed clams served with warm garlic bread and a crispy chicken Caesar salad

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

Raw Oysters with fried onions and a spicy Thai sauce

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

The portions at Adley are large so you will not go away hungry but there is no lack or aesthetic as the presentations are beautiful to behold.

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

How about some Hong Kong style noodles with prawn? So good! And maybe a little prawn Dim Sum, why not? Everything is tasty at Adley.

Adley Italian Restaurant Reviews |
Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

Super Yummy Vietnamese style spring rolls with fresh, sweet prawns!

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

Thai style minced pork with Chinese Black Olives served with raw cashews, lime, onions and chilis!

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

Grilled salmon steak with a side of spicy basil spaghetti

And let's not forget dessert! Caramel custard and Chocolate Lava cake with vanilla ice cream topped off an incredible meal at Adleys.

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

Wine is very affordable at Adleys and they of course offer a full bar with your favourite beers and cocktails.

Adley Italian Restaurant Review |

The best part about being a food blogger is discovering wonderful places like Adley! If you are in the area Thaifoodies HIGHLY recommends setting aside a couple hours to enjoy this wonderful restaurant - you will thank us!

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