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Holiday Inn Bangkok - A Place to Chill when Shopping in Sweltering Bangkok

Holiday Inn Chidlom Review |

Ok, full disclosure we did not intend to wind up at the Holiday Inn Bangkok lounge last weekend.

The original plan was to review a very well known and popular Thai eatery in the Chidlom area but this plan was thwarted by ill-informed restuarant staff who refused to allow us to film or even take pictures. I'm happy to report though that the issue was resolved and we will be bringing that review to you very soon.

Having our plans disrupted and honestly being a bit peeved we sought out a cool spot to escape Bangkok's muggy weather and decided to give the Holiday Inn Bangkok's Lounge a try.

Our intrepid critic Babe decided on the venue after a few quick calls to locate the best spot within walking distance for a relaxing repast with good value - we quickly had a winner with the Holiday Inn Lounge. The Holiday Inn Bangkok is located directly off the sky walk next to the Intercontinental Hotel and across from Amarin Plaza Shopping Center. It is also only about 5 minutes from Gaysorn Plaza, Central World and The Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Walking into the cool, large space at about 3:30 pm on a very hot Sunday afternoon we audibly sighed our relief. We had the space mostly to ourselves at this time but it would fill up a bit more as the afternoon wore on. We were quickly greeted by our server who promptly bought us ice-cold water to quench our parched bodies so that we could properly set about selecting refreshments.

It was decided that wine would be best. The Holiday Inn lounge has a nice selection of wine from around the world starting at about US$25 per bottle. This is not too bad for Bangkok especially given the location of the hotel.

Holiday Inn Chidlom Review |

While not especially peckish we decided to try a couple appetizers - fried chicken fingers made with a beer-batter that turned out to be very tender and light. We followed with a quesadilla that was thick with juicy chicken and large chunks of tomato and avocado served with a spicy salsa - perfect for a hot day.

Holiday Inn Chidlom Review |

Holiday Inn Chidlom Review |

Lastly, it was to be minced pork with basil - a Thai food staple.

Now, while this particular Thai dish is served across Thailand there are several different ways to prepare it. Babe decided to go with a dry version of the pork, spicy but also a bit sweet. She spent a good 5 minutes explaining how she wanted her dish and the Holiday Inn Bangkok did not disappoint getting it right on the first try. Not only was it beautiful to behold but it was scrumptious! Have a look at that!

Holiday Inn Chidlom Review |

All told we had 2 nice little bottles of Chilean wine and three yummy dishes for less than US$100. A super value for chilling in the heart of Bangkok's upmarket shopping district.

The lounge is very large and roomy with comfortable chairs and sofas. There is a projection TV for your favorite sports and a pool table if you are so inclined. The service was fast and friendly - overall a great place to relax after a hard day of shopping! Do check it out...

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