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Best Pad Thai in Bangkok?- Jasmine Resort Hotel Review

It's a bold statement to say that we have found the best Pad Thai in Bangkok. These things are very subjective indeed. But Thaifoodies can say with all confidence that we have found what is easily one of our FAVORITE NEW PAD THAI destinations and its is only a 1 minute walk from the Prakanong BTS Station on Sukhumvit Road Jasmine Station Restaurant at The Jasmine Resort Hotel in Bangkok.

Actually, we tried two different types of Pad Thai and they were equally wonderful. Our critic Babe opted for Pad Thai with King River Prawn, pictured above, while I went for a Chicken Pad Thai, as seen below. The combination of flavors was very well balanced, soft rice noodles from Chantaburi prepared with egg, beautiful King Prawn, bean sprouts, spring onions, a dash of chili and topped with crunchy chopped peanuts. The Chicken Pad Thai was milder, the way I like it, a little sweet but mixed with the right amount of saltiness and tender bites of tasty chicken. A dash of chili powder on top and this is now my favorite!

While a cool day for Bangkok, it was still about 85 degrees so when we arrived at the Jasmine Resort we wanted something us cool down a bit. Jasmine Station is running a healthy smoothie promotion right now so we decided to sample a few. We tried the Carrot/Guava, the Minty Lime, and my favorite a Watermelon smoothie. They are all made with fresh ingredients, and the perfect drink after walking Bangkok's sweltering streets. The Carrot/Guava was semi sweet with a pleasant mix of the fruit/vegetable with neither being overpowering. The Minty Lime reminded us of a Mojito sas alcohol extremely refreshing! My favorite was the watermelon smoothie though - it was like drinking a watermelon - so much flavor, not too sweet and so yummy!

Please check our video review for our reactions to the wonderful food we discovered at Jasmine Station at The Jasmine Resort Hotel Bangkok.

While huge fans of really great Pad Thai we wanted to get a good idea of the other Thai cuisine on offer at Jasmine City Resort so we ordered quite a lot!

After our Pad Thai we opted for an absolutely lovely Tom Yum Gung.

This dish was beautiful to behold and it was wonderfully balanced, I could taste the different flavors hitting my tongue in rapid succession - sweet, sour, a tad salty and just as i swallowed the spiciness kicks in - perfect Tom Yum Gung....

Fried Rice is a staple in the Thai diet but there is fried rice and there is fried rice. We opted for Pineapple Fried Rice served in - of course, a pineapple. This dish really took us by surprise. Topped with shredded Pork, crab, prawn - the rice itself, wonderfully soft, contained small bits of Chinese sausage and a lovely curry powder that gave the whole dish an amazing flavor.

Next up was a tender Salmon Steak cooked to perfection, crispy skin topped with a delicate Thai sweet (Chu Chee) curry sauce that accented the salmon flavor instead of overpowering it - just delicious!

Now we normally love to keep our reviews consistent in terms of food but we did break away a bit from the Thai theme here and tried the Pork Burger and Hawaiian pizza, the latter as we were enjoying a bottle of wine as the afternoon wound down.

We took advantage of Jasmine's wine promotion and had a nice bottle of Aussie Merlot for the promo price of only 650 Baht (US$18.50) - a real value. Actually, everything we ordered was an EXTREMELY good value for very, good food! The price range for the dishes we ordered was between 120 Baht (US$3.30) to 350 Baht (US$9.80).

We wrapped things up with a very nice panna cotta topped with cherry sauce and accompanied by a wonderful vanilla ice cream. We were stuffed!

The Thaifoodiesco team were impressed and surprised by the food at Jasmine Station. Everything was great down to the last dish. The menu appears to be aimed at mainly Asian tourists who frequent the resort. Hence the food may not be as spicy as some other more traditional Thai restaurants but that is not to say that it isn't wonderful because we enjoyed EVERYTHING! If you want a really spicy dish Jasmine Station can make it for you no problem. The staff were attentive and warm, we didn't want for anything during our visit. The ambiance is minimalistic, nothing fancy but squeaky clean and comfortable. Very family friendly and can accommodate large groups.

Jasmine Station at the Jasmine Resort Hotel gets Thaifoodiesco approval. We will be going back! Great job Jasmine Station!

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