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Bangkok's Best Pizza - Pizza Mania!

Pizza Mania Review |

Pizza in Thailand used to be limited to a handful of western chains and upscale italian restaurants, but the good folks a Pizza Mania break away from that mold and offer what the thaifoodiesco team believes is the Best Pizza in Bangkok hands down!

Here's a quick video of just how much we enjoy our Pizza Mania!

Our favorite, insanely good pizza from Pizza Mania is the 240 with Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled jalapenos, creamy french goat cheese, smoked bacon. So GOOD! Pizza Mania is one of the only places you can get NY Style 18" pizzas in Bangkok.

Pizza Mania Review |

We also needed the classic Cheese Pizza for my little ones. They will only eat Pizza Mania - they accept no substitutes!

Pizza Mania Review |

For snacks we decided on Curly Fries and balls of Mac n Cheese with pickled jalapenos & smoked bacon - deep fried - YUMMY!

Pizza Mania Review |

Next up, spicy buffalo wings smothered in a lovely spicy/sour sauce served with carrots, celery and Blue Cheese dip - of course!

Pizza Mania Review |

Lastly, to round out our working meal was a huge helping of Arrabiata Pasta - Pizza Mania's homemade sauce loaded with fresh tomatoes and a blend of chilies and spices - we added extra spicy salami.

Pizza Mania Review |

Pizza Mania can make custom changes to almost every menu item to you preference - just ask!

Pizza Mania offers a great selection of pizza, salads, pasta, munchies, drinks - including some great IPA beers. You can order directly from Pizza Mania OR Food Panda OR Ginja - whichever suits your delivery needs best!

Pizza Mania is REALLY INSANELY GOOD PIZZA and gets the Thaifoodiesco team's seal of approval - order today and change your life!

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