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Cheap Beer Buffet and Tasty Japanese Food at Aji Restaurant Big C Ekamai

Aji Japanese Restaurant Review |

Thaifoodiesco's intrepid food critic Babe has found us another gem amid the Urban Jungle that is our lovely Bangkok. Aji - a Japanese restaurant located at Big C Ekamai proves that one need not spend a lot to enjoy great value. This past Friday the Thaifoodies team stopped by to review Aji Japanese and to enjoy their amazing all-you-can-drink beer Buffet which features draft Asahi for only 280 Baht (US$7.90) for 3 hours - per person. In addition to the icy cold beer we enjoyed several tasty Japanese dishes and a little Sake to boot!

Aji Japanese Restaurant Review |

Aji has three spacious floors. We enjoy the 2nd floor as it is a bit more casual with cool curtained off booths and tables that offer a bit of privacy and cut down on the noise of other diners. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and appropriate for families, work mates and couples.

Private rooms can be booked for large groups and reservations are suggested as Aji is very popular so book early to avoid disappointment.

The service was great, very prompt, we didn't near to ask for beer top-up as the great team at Aji was always there waiting to whisk away our empty glasses for quick replenishment.

After just a sip or two of Sake and a couple mugs of Asahi draft beer we ordered a few dishes to stave off our hunger.

The food comes out fast and fresh at Aji! We enjoyed some lovely grilled chicken wings with fresh lemon, jellied pork loin, so sweet and savory! - table cooked fresh prawn with tender beef, light and tasty Tofu, An AMAZING Pork Tonkatsu stuffed with Cheese (YOU MUST TRY - SO GOOD!) and finished up with juicy Japanese style sausages.

Just the right amount of food and drink to make an after-work Friday perfect. Aji has an extensive Japanese menu, we chose to sample a few lighter snack style foods but if you find yourself hungry for sushi or more traditional Japanese dishes Aji will take care of you!

Another great example of why Bangkok is foodie paradise with an unparalleled selection of restaurants and cuisines I don't think it is possible to try them all. But we are going to try!

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