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Islero - Sophisticated Spanish Cuisine in the Heart of Bangkok

Islero Restaurant Review |

The Thaifoodies team went to Islero at Athenee Tower, just off Wireless Road in Bangkok, for Free Flow Sangria and left with a new appreciation of fine Spanish Cuisine.

Islero Restaurant Review |

Free Flow Real Spanish Sangria

Every day from 5 p.m. until 9.30 p.m., enjoy nonstop authentic Spanish Sangria made especially by our mixologist. Infused with fresh citrus and apples, with a hint of brandy along with fine red wine, our Sangria is sure to freshen up your evening, any day of the week. THB 550++ per person.

We stopped by Islero on a balmy Saturday evening for what we thought would be a few pitchers of Sangria but instead were introduced to a wonderful Iberian menu of Spanish delights!

First things first. You MUST try this Sangria, it is AWESOME. Honestly some of the best I've every had. My enthusiasm is echoed by the rest of the team who consumed copious amounts of the enchanted elixir on the evening. I'm not sure what sorcery the mixologist at Islero uses but each and every glass of Sangria is a refreshing explosion of flavor that stays on the tongue just long enough to revel in the fresh blast of apple, orange and mint followed by a sweet dash of brandy.

Islero Restaurant Review |

The promotion itself is a great value especially if you plan to accompany your Sangria with the modern Spanish delights Islero has to offer. Even a simple appetizer like Spanish olives is a medley for your mouth but when served with crusty fresh baked bread and fragrant olive oil your appetite goes into overdrive!

We asked Chef Emilino to suggest a few dishes for us and he told us to try the Bikini Sandwiches, Idiazabal Foam Cheese, Grilled Scallops with jambon iberico, 100 Days Black Angus "Jasper" beef, and Gambas al ajillo.

Islero Restaurant Review |

We followed his advice and were thusly introduced to the world of fine Spanish cuisine!

The olives were really very nice! Really!

Check out the slideshow below of the mouthwatering dishes we enjoyed at Islero.

Every dish was fantastic but a big shout out to Islero for the Bikini Sandwich - truffle, manchego cheese and imported iberico ham make for a deceptively simple dish that is anything but when tasted. We liked the Bikini so much we ordered two! Another favorite is the Idiazabal Foam Cheese, this delicate yet complex dish doesn't overpower your taste buds but instead gracefully introduces a subtle, and creamy embrace that will have your eyebrows lifting and your eyes rolling in joy.

A big thanks to Chef Emilino and General Manager Khun Pook for making us feel at home at Islero!

Have a look at our video review!

The interior of Islero is an accurate reflection of the cuisine served there, elegant, refined, sophisticated and very Spanish.

Bangkok offers such an amazing diversity of dining options that to simply eat Thai food everyday should almost constitute a crime - The Thaifoodies team highly recommend that you head down to Islero to sample their wonderful free-flow Sangria offer and give yourself a crash course in fine Spanish Cuisine - you'll thank us!

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