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Slanted Taco - A Chic Mexican Cantina in the Heart of Bangkok

Slanted Taco |

Some popular cuisines are harder to find in Asia than others, I would suggest that Mexican food, no scratch that, really good Mexican food, is very hard to find in Asia, especially in The Big Mango - that's Bangkok to the uninitiated.

There are, admittedly, a handful of Mexican and Tex Mex style establishments in town but those that feature really authentic Mexican fare are few and far between. Slanted Taco definitely qualifies as really authentic and the Thaifoodies team were most happy to reacquaint ourselves with the wonderful eats to be found at this truly Mexican cantina.

Slanted Taco in the Asoke area of Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 23, a quick walk from the Asoke BTS and Sukhumvit MTR, is the perfect destination for a quick lunch, an awesome Mexican feast, or late night drinks with friends. With its quirky decor, authentic Mexican fare, and amazing margaritas - Slanted Taco is your fiesta escape in Bangkok!

Slanted Taco |

We just love the funky decor at Slanted Taco. The handpainted mural on the main wall is amazing, you can actually watch a time-lapse video of the work being done on the Slanted Taco Website The entire space screams "celebration" and that feeling is infectious once the Sangria and amazing Mexican dishes start to arrive at your table.

The menu at Slanted Taco is compact but highly focused on quality and maximum variety. It is the work of but a moment to zero in on your favorite dish and fire away. LIkewise the drinks menu is very Mexican with a focus of fine tequila, beers, and of course Margaritas! Expect to spend between 200 - 300 baht per dish on average, very reasonable for such high quality cuisine.

Check out our Video Review!

Slanted Taco |

We were ravenous when we arrived at Slanted Taco so we didn't mess around and instead dived right into the menu starting with a nice plate of yummy Nachos topped with melted cheese and plenty of jalapenos and my personal favorite - Choriqueso!

Slanted Taco |

We next plunged ahead with a Wet Burrito (AWESOME BTW) and a plate of beef fajitas. Slanted Taco does a GREAT job with their food, nothing is overly salty or cheesy, each dish is unique with its own character and place on the table.

With a little food in our tummies our minds started to drift towards - MARGARITAS! We decided to try the famous DEVIL Margarita or "Machurat" - this is a margarita made with a dash of tabasco, the rim of each glass is dusted with Chili powder and two "horns" that are actual chili peppers! Sound spicy? They are! Hence, my bemused expression below just before trying one of these little monsters out! - Awesome, but not for the faint of heart. Do note that all of Slanted Tacos margaritas are made with quality Olmeca Tequila.

Margaritas - Check - more food please! Tacos? Oh yes indeed! We had to try Maya's Mexico City style tacos - three, fresh, homemade corn tortillas stuffed with generous portions of beef, chicken and pork - seabass, chorizo, and mushroom fillings are also available. We LOVE the hand made tortillas at Slanted Taco if you haven't tried them yet you are in for a real treat.

Slanted Taco |

Lastly, we had to try a signature dessert - A scrumptious 3 milk -sponge cake topped with whipped cream - you gotta try this one when you visit. Melts in your mouth!

Slanted Taco |

Slanted Taco just works on many levels. A great lunch spot - Oh yes! Now open for lunch! A spot to kick-start your evening with a light nosh or just come for the margaritas. It's all good at this quirky cantina. The Thaifoodies team found the service friendly and fast and we didn't want for much of anything the whole evening. Great Job Team Slanted Taco!

Seating at Slanted Taco is limited so be sure to book on their website (below) to ensure you have a spot as this place gets busy especially on the weekends and in the late evening. Come on by today - you'll thank us!

Open Daily 12pm to 12am

Slanted Taco (Sukhumvit soi 23) Khlong Toei Nuea Bangkok Thailand Tel. +66 2 258 0546

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