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Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant at the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel - A Taste of Heaven!

If you know your Bangkok rooftop bars then you will be well aware of the incredible 360 views afforded by Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant at the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel as a chic destination for drinks whist enjoying stunning views of Bangkok. What you may not know is that Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant serves up some inspired gourmet cuisine that will make your trip to the rooftop like a trip to heaven.

Like most folks the Thaifoodies team has been to Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant for drinks but never really tried the cuisine so when the Anantara Sathorn invited us to sample their rooftop fare we were all in!

Even though we were there to sample the creations of Chef Gibb we had to try a few signature cocktails created by resident mixologist (insert name). A tough decision but we decided on four - Frost Calypso, Senorita, Ring of Fire, and Mango Tales.

The Senorita is a variation on a classic Sangria, a cool, fruity bast of refreshment, the Frost Calypso is a minty Coffee flavored potable complete with foam for those who need a lift to their evening, the Ring of Fire a very Thai, spicy concoction to wake you up, and the Mango Tales a cocktail that captures the experience of enjoying the classic Thai dessert Mango and Sticky rice! You have to try it to believe it! Our favorite!

Check out our video review below:

After enjoying our drinks and soaking in the cool breezes and setting sun we started sampling the cuisine of Chef Gibb.

First up was a sensational flavor overload creation - Foie Gras, Potato Espuma, topped with Caviar and served in a real egg shell. Creamy, salty, sumptuous - a decadent dish that you must try, it really got our appetites going!

Zoom Sky Bar & Restaurant |

Next a lovely Salmon Surprise. The surprise is that although this salmon looks and has the consistency of cooked salmon it s actually tartare! Served with pickled radish and deep fried seaweed. Delicate with super fresh salmon flavor

Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant |

We moved onto entrees next with a boneless lamb loin, cooked perfectly, extremely tender with a lovely flavor - Oven Baked with a Basil Crust, Artichoke Crème, Kale, Cherry Teriyaki Sauce , if you love lamb you must try this! It was our favorite entree on the evening and gone in a flash!

Zoom Sky Bar & Restaurant |

Red Snapper was next up but not just any Red Snapper, hand caught Red Snapper! Chef Gibb is passionate about ensuring he only includes the best organic, sustainable and top-quality ingredients in his dishes. The Red Snapper is oh so fresh with Almond Puree, Purple Ikura,Fennel, Chayote and Light Artichoke Juice topped with a lemongrass foam and served with pickled broccoli stems - almost to pretty to eat! But we did! Delicious!

Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant |

Desserts were the next order of the day and they were special! The first is a very Thai dessert called The Siam... Deep fried thai style dough seasoned with pumpkin, served with fresh blackberries and coconut ice cream - a work of art but oh so Yummy!

Zoom Sky Bar & Restaurant |

Our next dessert was so very cool! Simply called Zen, it is actually molded chocolate on the outside but inside there are three kinds of delicious chocolate, white, milk, and dark served on a tastsy crumble. As you can see from the photo this dessert looks exactly like rocks that would be found in a Zen garden - Such a cool idea and scrumptious!

Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant |

Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant is open daily fro 17:30 to 01:00 and is a great place for a romantic dinner or a great night out with friends and family. The restaurant has a dress code so be sure to dress up a bit so that you will fit in with the classy crowds this hot spot attracts.

For all the details check out the link below:

Expect to spend about 320 baht for a cocktail and between 260 baht to 1,100 baht for appetizers to entrees. This is fine dining with spectacular views so well worth it!

Tel. +66 2 365 9110


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