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INCREDIBLE ITALIAN FARE @ Volti Ristorante and Bar in the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

Volti Restaurant and Bar |

The Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok was one of the first 5 Star hotels I visited when I first arrived in Bangkok back on the 90’s. Although there have been several new and impressive upscale properties that have grown up around Bangkok in the intervening years few posses the old-world charm and luxury of the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok.

If you follow our blog you will know that I just love good Italian food and Bangkok has been blessed with several so I do know my way around a plate of pasta. I had not, however been back to the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok in a few years so this was my first chance to experience the ‘authentic modern dishes” at Volti Ristorante and Bar located on the lobby level of the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok.

Check out our Video Review of Volti Ristorante and Bar.


"At first glance Volti fits perfectly with the décor of the Shangri-la with its marble floors, high ceilings, and understated elegance but underneath the polished ambiance is a warm and very relaxed eatery that suffers not from pretense and delivers wonderful and authentic Italian fare."

Wine selected and poured, we nibbled on the freshly made onion bread while awaiting our appetizers. A lot can be gleaned from the quality of a restaurants’ bread and the first bites of the warm, soft onion loaf at Volti started our journey perfectly.

We sampled an Italian favorite Bruschetta served up with fresh tomatoes lightly marinated in olive oil on freshly baked bread first and then jumped right into crispy fried calamari with black ink garlic dip – OMG so good!

A delicate lobster soup was next on the menu and this was a delight! A must try, just creamy lobster goodness in a bowl – simple and delicious.

Volti Restaurante & Bar

The next dish was shared by Babe and I as it was a huge portion. A beautiful beef lasagna! A perfectly prepared pasta creation that brought me back to lasagna prepared in my home growing up. And I have to believe that this is what Volti is looking for – simple, quality ingredients prepared with love – YOU MUST TRY THE LASAGNA at Volti!

Volti Restaurante & Bar Bangkok

After that amazing lasagna we were skeptical that Volti could do more to impress but we were so wrong. Babe was served a plate of stunning Argentinian Red Prawns that were so tender and so sweet that they instantly passed the Babe - MMM MMM good test! If you haven’t watched the video do so now, I’m not kidding – a great reaction from our food critic!

Volti Restaurante & Bar Bangkok

My entrée was a Wagyu Braised Beef Cheek with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes, again simple food executed in a spectacular fashion. The beef cheek was so tender I cut it with my fork – amazing - and the creamy mashed potatoes simply divine.

Volti Restaurante & Bar Bangkok

Both the Argentinian Red Prawn and the Braised Beef Cheek are a definite MUST TRY.

We wrapped up our incredible meal with a Panna Cotta finished with liquid nitrogen for a table pleasing presentation. This yummy dessert transported me to my youth with its lovely creamsicle flavors although the comparison does not do the Voliti creation true justice. A perfect finish to a truly memorable meal.

Volti Restaurante & Bar Bangkok

A massive thank you to Team Volti and Team Shangri-la for making us feel at home!

We highly recommend you visit Volti at the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok if you seek incredible, authentic Italian cuisine, warm , expert service, and a touch of old-world luxury riverside in Bangkok. You’ll thank us!

Phone - (66 2) 236 7777

Location -Lobby Level, Shangri-La Wing

Operating Hours - 6pm - 10.30pm (Mon - Sun)

Dress Code - Smart casual

Smoking Policy

Volti Ristorante & bar accommodates both smoking and non-smoking guests.

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