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Element Restaurant |

The Thaifoodies team recently visited Element Restaurant at the Amara Hotel Bangkok located on Surawong Road for their Thai Passion promotion and were absolutely blown away by the amazing Thai cuisine on offer. We enjoyed the incredible Thai dishes at Element so much that we created a contest together with the Amara Bangkok Hotel to give away 3 vouchers worth 3,000 baht each good for food at Element Restaurant!

To Participate Simply:

1. Go to our Elements Restaurant Thai Passion video on our YouTube channel – THAIFOODIESCO

2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Thaifoodiesco (if you are already subscribed skip top Step 3!)

3. Click like on our Elements Thai Passion Video (Link here)

4. Leave a comment as to why you want to go to Element Restaurant (Hint: FOR THE THAI FOOD!)

It’s as easy as that! Good Luck!

We will announce winners on February 14, 2018 so be sure to check back to our channel often. The vouchers are good through May 30, 2018.


Now let’s talk about our trip to Element at the Amara Bangkok Hotel. The Amara is a new, modern hotel, priced for travelers looking for high quality accommodation at reasonable prices. The Amara suits in all these areas. We will post a room review of the Amara very soon so be sure to check with us back for that.

Element in the basement of the Amara Bangkok Hotel is a modern, efficient space featuring a spotless, open kitchen. Seating is perfect for groups of 2-6 but no problem accommodating larger parties in comfort. There is also a sizable outdoor seating area for those time that the Bangkok heat ebbs. The vibe is relaxed and the area cool and inviting. We came back for Amara’s Hipster Night, which is held every Friday night at 19:00 as well but we will save that for another post!

Check out our video review of Element Restaurant below:


The selection of dishes served up by the talented team at Element was not only sumptuous but also visually stunning! The amazing preparation shows off the skill possessed by the masterful team at Element!

Element Restaurant |

We started our evening’s epicurean journey with Ma Hor which is a minced pork ball mixed with peanuts, herbs, spices and served on a fresh slice of Thai pineapple. This is not a common dish here in Thailand and one I’d not had before but it was assuredly one I’ll try again. The pork and peanut mixture was delicious but made even better when contrasted by the sweet pineapple and chill slice. YUM, YUM, YUMMY!

Element Restaurant |

Fried Rice served in a whole fresh pineapple was next. I’ve heard people say that this dish is for tourists only but I could not disagree more. This lovely combination is for anyone who loves great fried rice imbued with curry, prawn and pineapple flavors. A memorable, must try dish and executed wonderfully at Element Restaurant.

Element Restaurant |

A slightly heavier dish was up next – a hearty Beef Massaman made with Australian beef shank!. This is a mild curry served with huge portions of beef and potato. The curry is accented with peanuts – the dish is creamy and satisfying. The portion at Element is HUGE. If beef is not on your list then Chicken Massaman is an equally great choice and will not disappoint.

Element Restaurant |

One of my favorite dishes was out next in a Stir Fried Sweet and Sour Prawn! Fresh prawn smothered in a delicate sweet pepper sauce featuring red, green and yellow peppers. The prawn was so tender and fresh and went perfectly with the pepper mix – A Must Try!

Element Restaurant |

A huge, steaming bowl of Tom Yum Gung or Spicy Prawn Soup was next on our list. Now, this being one of the most famous Thai dishes in the world it is something that one can get just about anywhere in Thailand. That however, does not mean that all Tom Yum Gung is the same. The bowl of spicy goodness severed up at Element is easily in our top 5 for best Tom Yum Gung. Balanced perfectly, you get to enjoy coconut milk, lime, and subtle prawn flavors mixed with fresh lemongrass and a touch Thai chilies all in a single, wonderful, spoonful.. Heaven! – A Must Try!

Element Restaurant |

We stuck to the gung (prawn) theme for our next dish the ever popular Pad Thai Gung. (FRONT CENTRE) Again, this dish is available EVERYWHERE in Thailand but like all truly great dishes the magic is in the ingredients and the execution. Element serves up only the freshest prawn for their Pad Thai Gung with perfect sticky rice noodles all wrapped up in a thin egg crepe. A simple dish certainly but as done by Element it transcends the ordinary. A big portion and an absolute must try!

Element Restaurant |

Another dish that is very popular in Thailand is the omelet. Thai’s actually eat omelettes for lunch and dinner more than breakfast as opposed to the United States. This particular omelette was served up with fresh crab meat. One of Babe’s favorites, this is a wonderful way to enjoy simple ingredients synergized to make ONE GREAT DISH – MORE PLEASE!

Element Restaurant |

Babe was in love with our next dish, a rather hard to find Crab Roe Relish served with Salted Egg, Fried Fish and Fresh Thai greens. Be sure to sample this traditional dish when you visit Element – Babe gives it three UMMM, UMMM, UMMs! A better endorsement I know not!

Element Restaurant |

Our last dish was on the lighter side – a wing bean salad featuring, fresh Thai river prawn, boiled eggs, onions, Thai chilies and pork.. This is a very easy to eat and good for you dish that is not spicy at all. Refreshing Thai flavors make this a great way to end the evening. Very light and D-D-D - Delicious!. If you are a fan of Thai salads don’t hesitate to order – A Must Try!

Element Restaurant |

We wrapped up our lovely meal at Element with homemade Coconut Ice Cream – A perfect ending to a big Thai meal. Element serves up their coconut ice cream with traditional Thai toppings like, water chestnut, sweet potato, and coconut shavings. Just PERFECT!

Element Restaurant |

We really enjoyed our visit to Element. This new gem is in our top 5 favorite Thai restaurants for sure! The quality, taste, and authenticity of the food is amazing. Pair that with reasonable prices and big portions and you have the making of a great Thai restaurant. The staff at Element are warm and friendly and are always on hand to take care of you. Well done Team Element!

After our visit to Element restaurant we headed upstairs to the Akaaza Bar on the rooftop - 26th floor for a cocktail and take in the amazing views of the Bangkok skyline and Thailand's tallest building Mahanakorn. (click any image to enlarge)

Be sure to plan a trip to visit Element at the Amara Hotel Bangkok soon – You’ll thank us!

Amara Bangkok Hotel

180/1 Surawong Road Sipraya, Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand Tel +66-02-021-8888 Fax +66-02-021-8891 Email:

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