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Pizza Service Review |

We are truly blessed in Bangkok with many fine Italian restaurants most with their own interpretation of the different kinds of pizza pie. The Thaifoodies recently visited Pizza Service which is located near the entrance of Sukhumvit soi 14. It is located directly across from Terminal 21 and right off the Asoke BTS - A great location!

Pizza Service Review |

Check out our video review of Pizza Service below:


Pizza Service offers seating on the 2nd and 3rd floor. A small bar and live music located on the third floor. Wooden decor with comfy high seats put diners at ease. A good view of the ASoke BTS station and bust Sukhumvit road allows for some people watching as well.

Pizza Service offers a compact but yummy selection of pizza, pasta and salads along with beers and wines to accompany your repast.

For our Saturday afternoon visit we decided to go for a Caesar salad, chicken wings and a half n half pizza - half super supreme and pepperoni special, and a spaghetti chicken bolognese. All pizzas at Pizza Service are thin crust pies - in our humble opinion the only way to eat pizza!

Pizza Service Bangkok |

Pizza Service's take on a Caesar Salad is different but nonetheless yummy. Fresh greens, veggies and a delicious caesar dressing that includes delicate mustard overtones. A must try!

Pizza Service Bangkok |

Chicken wings may seem a simple enough disc to pull off but if you have ever had wings that are overcooked and then drenched in overly sweet of spicy sauce that theory goes out the window. Pizza Service keeps it simple with lightly breaded wings cooked perfectly. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy n the inside - AWESOME.

Pizza Service Bangkok |

Our wonderful thin crust creation was next. Our Super Supreme/Pepperoni Special simply exploded with flavor. The pizzas at Pizza Service focus on ingredients and we could taste every fresk pepper, onion, pepperoni, and pineapple piece on this lovely pie. There was no loss of flavor to a ocean of greasy cheese here. A Must Try!

Pizza Service Bangkok |

Our last dish was a delicate chicken spaghetti bolognese. The sauce was excellent with a fresh tomato flavor dominating the pasta. The minced chicken and mushroom did their part to round out this satisfying dish.

Babe and I really like Pizza Service. It hits the trifacta with a great location, authentic, yummy eats, and affordable prices. We will be back for more and you should definitely check it out too - You'll thank us!

Pizza Service

Address: Pizza Service, Sukhumvit 14 Soi 5, Bangkok, Thailand Phone: 097-474-9900 Cuisine: Italian Opening hours: daily 10am-11pm Nearest train Asoke

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