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A Rejuvenating & Peaceful Thai Vacation Escape at The Cabin Creek Homestay in Chanthaburi

The Cabin Creek Chanthaburi Review |

Thaifoodies continues with our series of reviews of out-of-the-way resorts within driving distance to Bangkok visiting The Cabin Creek Thailand in Chanthaburi.

From the Thailand Tourism Website:

ABOUT CHANTHABURI Chanthaburi is a province in the east of Thailand, just 245 km. away from Bangkok. It is the city which is appropriate to grow fruits especially durian, king of fruits, and mangosteen, queen of fruits. There are places to go such as mountains, forests, waterfalls, beaches and historical sites. Because it takes just 4 hours from Bangkok, Chanthaburi is one of popular cities for Thai and foreign tourists.

If you want to go somewhere fresh and cool, you should go to Pliew Waterfall. It is a 3-level waterfall with a basin of cool and clear water. You can enjoy feeding cave fish there. Trok Nong Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with the river flowing throughout the year. There is also a campsite for adventurers.

The Cabin Creek Chanthaburi Review |

While certainly beach vacations are extremely popular Thailand does have vast swaths of pristine forests and jungles that allow visitors to explore Thai nature whilst enjoying all the creature comforts and of course great Thai food!

Check out our video review of The Cabin Creek Thailand below:

At the outset of The journey Babe and Nut stopped by Chim Cafe in Rayong for a wonderful Thai repast before moving on to Chanthaburi. Be sure to check it out when you visit Rayong!

Chim Cafe Rayong |

The Cabin Creek Chanthaburi Review |

Nestled in a grove of vibrant trees and alongside the dreamy flow of a crystal clear creek is The Cabin Creek Thailand. A peaceful escape into Thailand's nature that will leave you rested mind and body.

From The Cabin Creek Homestay website:

Cabin Creek Homestay Thailand |

The Cabin Creek Thailand features several different types of cabins that can accommodate up to 20 people at a time. All rooms include breakfast and dinner. Rates start at 900 Baht (US$27) per person per night up to 1,200 Baht (US$36) per person per night. Please check their website for rates and availability.

While comfortable accommodation is great don't miss the opportunity to explore the surrounding forest and refreshing creek that runs alongside this chill resort. Suitable for swimming so bring your swimsuits!

If you are seeking a refuge from the stress of the everyday world and simply need to recharge your batteries then book your cabin today at The Cabin Creek Thailand - You'll thank us!

The Cabin Creek Thailand


Mobile: +6681-854-5205 - Mr. Preecha Satravaha

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