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Vivarium Revive Rama 4 Best Thai fusion restaurant in Bangkok

Vivarium Revive, inspired by a garden bottle is a grandeur and high-ceiling restaurant where the interior decoration is adorned with beautiful art pieces and plenty of trees. The restaurant offers an ultimate venue for those wishing to hold an engagement ceremony, a wedding reception, a party, or a seminar where any themes can be made possible. 3 banqueting suites are available for private events and meetings. Its location in Rama 4 is right in the center of Bangkok with a parking capacity of 150 cars.

Utilizing premium ingredients, Vivariu Revive’s delicious Thai-Fusion cuisine is created by an iron chef and every menu is guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

The first appetizer we tried was Avocado salad.(THB320) A combination of fresh green leaves, avocado slices and salmon eggs are served in refreshing salad bowl topped with sesame dressing. Grilled kurobuta pork (THB280) is served to perfection by roasted Kurobuta of which is filled with fat to some extent. Tender, yet marinated grilled pork neck is served alongside Thai spicy & sour sauce that will fulfill your spicy palate. Completed with red curry sauce, Snow fish with curry sauce is cooked with black cod so fresh that you cannot sense the fishy odor and the sauce has proven to compliment the fish.

Another main dish to recommend is Squid stir fry with 9 kinds of salt (THB 550) but don’t let its eccentric name fools you. Octopus (squid) is cut into nice pieces and stir-fried with salt & chilies that one can smell its aroma in the air. A well-balanced taste of chilies and salt is submerged into every chewy piece of squid which delivers a flavorful outburst. Thai-styled pizza is another recommendation which we tried Pizza curry halved with Green curry pizza with scallops. A thin-crusted cheesy pizza comes with a picante flavor of curry very scrumptious and a perfect companion to salmon eggs, while the scent of green curry powder will make you mouth water when paired with Hokkaido scallops. Their Thai-fusion food is undoubtedly unique and delish like nowhere else!

For reservation call : 083 097 9625

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