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Explore New Experience Japanese Ryokan House resort in Chiangrai at Ryokan Cafe

Japanese Ryokan House resort in Chiangrai ; It has only 4 houses in the Ryokan Cafe area,

You can enjoy Ryokan art gallery, Vegetable and flower farm, Japanese food, Japanese bakery;

Fresh Coffee and beverages at Ryokan Cafe... Must try! Matcha green-tea cake, Hokkaido Hazelnut coffee which is contain 1 shot of espresso mix with cocoa and top with Hokkaido milk ice cream this menu is truly scrumptious, Deep fried chicken karakae, Tonkatsu japanese curry with rice, Everything is perfect Thaifoodies fall in love with this place!

The Chiangrai Ryokan House is amazing and it is just like a traditional Japanese Ryokan style Inn. The front of the inn features large balcony with a garden view, Separate bedrooms and bathroom areas with onsen bathtub surrounded by nice a rock garden, these lovely rooms promote sleep just like we are in Japan!

For Breakfast is super tasty you can have breakfast at Ryokan Cafe from 09.00-10.30am -

They will serve you your a choice of coffee and porridge, served with deep fried shishamo (egg fish), Chicken stir fry with soy sauce and miso soup.

For those who wants to explore new experience stay in Chiangrai "Chiangrai Ryokan" Ryokan cafe is another places Thaifoodies recommended!

Ryokan Cafe also close to "Wat Rong Khun" White temple & Singha park "Rai Bhu Bhirom"

The wonderful feeling of Japan in Chiang Mai Thailand. If you need help arranging for a car when you visit Thailand check out Drivehub for convenient solutions to your can rental needs.

You'll thank us!

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