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Marvelous private house resort in Chiangrai called "To Some Place" (2 Some Place)

Where we go?

We go to some place #2Someplace Private Villa house resort at Chiangrai,

2Someplace Chiangrai

Which is very beautiful unique design in golden brown houses,

2 Villa style Square house &Circle house with nice surrounding with nature and trees.

The price for square house is only 1,900 thb and Circle house is 2,400 thb.

We stayed in Circle house, with a wonderful view with balcony, Queen size comfy bed, with television, Full-facilities water boiler machine, hair dryer, toiletries, Clean bathroom, free still water. You can have all day coffee &bread at the restaurant during the day.

For Breakfast (2 Someplace) serve a jasmine rice with pork stir-fry in sweet sauce with egg soup, and thai dessert in coconut milk and sesame.

You can enjoy ride a bicycle around resort... in the morning.

and i recommended you go to "DOI PANG KHON" (ดอยปางขอน) where they have a famous coffee growth village, with many kinds of coffee roaster around the nice weather and amazing view on the high mountain! I do really love the dark and medium roast we ordered Ice Americano and Latte at "ABUYA COFFEE" cafe and another place at "Paangkhon Coffee" cafe

Then you can stop by at "Khun Korn Waterfall" (น้ำตกขุนกรณ์) it's not too far from resort.

Make a respect at #WatPhraKeaw beautiful temple you can pray and make a merlit, Wat Phra keaw also have a Museum for waling around.

"Rai Bhubirom" Singha park (ไร่ภูภิรมย์ สิงห์ปาร์ค) is also a nice place to stop by, Stunning view of Rai with nice weather. Great Draught Beer, you've shouldn't missed.

For dinner we had a nice local north meal at 2 Some place resort; Deep fried pork loin very crispy and tasty, Kra prao moo (Minced pork stir fry with basil) flavorful and not spicy, Boiled vegetable called "Jor pakkard" mild taste and yummy, Nam Prik ong; Tomatoes chilli paste with minced pork served with fresh vegetable. Glass noodles spicy and sour with pork sausages this dish is so tasty!

At night time this place is totally amazing weather, nice breath with a full of stars around the houses!

Night time at 2 some place

Night time at 2someplace

Another nice Private Villa to stay when you are at Chiangrai! Called "2 Someplace"...

Note : This trip We rented a car at Drivehub with "NT Carrent Chiangrai" shop It's very convenient many selection of car and price is reasonable 950 thb per day.

More information : 080 640 6301


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