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A Peaceful resort close to nature at To.. Someplace Chiangrai

2 Someplace Chiangrai, Our all-time favorite resort in the mountains of Chiangrai!

The resorts offers a 360 panoramic view full of many-species of birds, big beautiful trees, stunning flowers and scenic rice fields - a peaceful place everyone will fall in love with

Their current promotion is a great deal featuring a Circle room discount from 2,400 THB to 1,350 THB - A Circle house with big infinity view balcony, warm decor, a comfy bedroom with clean bathroom.

Breakfast at 2 Someplace serves steamed rice, pork with soy sauce, and egg soup.

We reserved a 1 set dinner and 1 set lunch, a la cart "Nam prik noom fried rice"

"Spicy sausage Sai Aua stir fry with basil served with rice"

"Fresh kale stir fry with pork"

"Egg fried rice"

"Mince pork omelette"

"Coconut milk ice cream"

"Jelly coffee"

"Fresh strawberry milk"

After our meal, we went to "Wat Rong Suea Ten (Blue Temple), the exquisite decoration, sculptures, paintings and overall design feature a blue sapphire & gold color. "Wat Rong Suea Ten", is another place you should visit and to pay respect, a beautiful temple to visit.

After, we wanted to have a nice coffee, Chiangrai has many good coffee shops you should try. This time we decided to go "DOI CHANG" we drove from the resort around 54 kilometres (take 2 hrs round trip) on that day it's has a storm with heavy wind and raining so we decided to drive to a nearby mountain to visit "King Koffee Roast House" which is a big coffee cafe, nice coffee roaster they mix 3 kinds of coffee beans; light, medium, dark Iced mocha topped off with whip cream, it's so good, a must try Mocha!

Hot Americano is served with hot tea and water. The King Koffee Roast House is surrounded by relaxing greenery. We sat and chilled for 45 minutes and we bought coffee beans back for our family! Then, we went back to the resort to chill-ax with our friends at balcony 2 Someplace has a relaxing atmosphere with nature - we just love it!

For dinner we were starving so we went for the Thai set dinner for 4 person and 1 child at "2Someplace resort"

"Bamboo shoot and chicken curry"

"Sausages spicy and sour salad"

"Deep fried chicken wings"

"Minced tomatoes thai chilli paste serve with vegetable"

The food is delicious Thai food always makes everyone so full!

We walked and rides around the resort, take a photos and relaxing with the greenery atmosphere.

After our dinner we made an appointment with NT Car rent Chiangrai to return a car around 6.00 pm

the staff came pick up a car on time - Very convenient! #เอ็นทีรถเช่าเชียงราย

More information: Call 0918509272 or Line id: mr.benz009

So if you preferred to have a trip at north of Thailand, You should try once to go Chiangrai!

Map : 2 Someplace :

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