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Enjoy a camping getaway try the pool villas in KhaoKho Phetchabun

For those who enjoy a camping getaway try the pool villas in Khao Kho Phetchabun,

called "Raccoon Camping" Guests are greeted with the cute antics of the property's Raccoon Mascot.

Raccoon Camping Khaokho Mascot

Raccoon camping private pool villa house is surrounded by a nice garden and flower field.

Private houses with a swimming pool (4 persons) cost 950 THB per/person.

and feature a big bedroom with 3 comfy beds and 1 bathroom refrigerator, 6 free bottles of water, shampoo and soap are available. If you prefer a house without a pool, these are also available for the price of 650 THB per person.

For dinner, Raccoon Camping serves a Thai a la carte menu, set menu, and Thai barbecue pork set which is served in front of your room for only 799 THB per set for 4-5 people. The set includes Pork, Chicken, Fish, Squids, Sausages, Crab stick, Prawn, Mussels, Fish tofu, & Mixed vegetables.

Raccoon camping also has an a la carte and set menu start 899 thb (set menu includes 5 dishes of food serve with a pot of rice) the menu with reasonably priced and yummy food!

You can also enjoy the special promotion of the month with floating a glass of red wine in the pool just in front of your room!

In the set menu, Babe really loved pork loin stir fry with yellow curry. It's full of flavor, extremely spicy and very good!

Another food we had...

- French fries are so crispy and served with 2 kinds of sauce cheese dip and tomato sauce.

- Deep-fried chicken wings.

- Mixed seafood tom yum (spicy and sour soup)

- Glass noodles seafood spicy salad

- Deep-fried local fish with sweet and spicy sauce.

- Mixed vegetable stir fry with oyster sauce

The last dish that you have to try is Minced pork Thai chili paste with fresh tomatoes (Namprik Aong) served along with vegetables.

We are so full, so we just sat and relaxed by the private swimming pool with the nice weather after dinner. We slept well all night.

We woke up early to a sea of fog around the beautiful garden! A lovely way to start a new day.

In the early morning, you can also go to KhaoKho viewpoint waiting for the sunrise and sea of fog on the top of the hill.

The resort also offers an interesting cultural package as well. Starting at 6.00 am guests can serve a set of food and give alms to the monks (The resort will cook for you the price is only 100 THB per set) at the temple named "Wat Ratchapreuk Khaokho '' which is a close 5 mins drive from Raccoon Camping resort.

The temple is so peaceful and silent... The Beautiful architecture with nice fog all over the temple area, there is a 4 color of gorgeous serpents around the Thai chapel.

After we made merit with the monks we went back to the resort and had breakfast just in front of the room.

Breakfast is good. They serve pork ball boy rice, sunny side up egg, sausage, smoked ham, and fresh fruits.

We swam in the swimming pool before we go to another destination... Saraburi province!

Please wait to see where we stayed and where we ate in Saraburi!

Raccoon Camping resort Khaokho, another place you should visit, The Comfortable private pool villa and clean house camp resort for you and your friends. Khaokho Phetchabun another fascinating province you have to once.

More information : Raccoon Camping resort Khaokho Phetchabun

Call : Khun Ben 063-0263501 / 095-0903594

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More information

Reservation 063-0263501 / 095-0903594 Khun Ben

Line id : @raccooncamping

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