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Explore new experience stay at Papa garden Khaokho Phetchabun 920 metre high altitude from sea

Papa Garden Khaokho Phetchabun

If you are seeking a new experience book a stay at Papa Garden KhaoKho Phetchabun

sitting 920 meters above from sea.

Touch the sky and mountain tops while taking in and beautiful weather.

We stay in a tent (Nordisk brand) for 2 persons 1,500 - 2,500 THB

with 2 soft beds, pillows, blankets, fans, mini desk, hairdryer, and a set of shower bag with a towel, bathrobe, and 1 bottle of drinking water. Each features a electric plug for 2 with lights. Be sure to bring a power bank to charge your phone.

Papa Garden Khao Kho provides free ice and still water at the check-in center.

Enjoyment with a nice view point of Papa garden resort, You can take a photo and check in with this chic spot!

This resort they separate personal bathrooms with a restroom for each 1 tent, you will get the key to lock your own bathroom. Outside, the washrooms they have washbasin to wash hands, brush teeth, etc.

For dinner, you've don't miss a set of pork barbecue on a hot pan costs 750 THB per set (4 people)

a dining table is set up in front of your tent, and staff will start to prepare the huge set that includes 2 kinds of pork, vegetables, and 6 sticks of barbecue pork, with 3 kinds of spicy sauce - yummy!

After we had a perfect dinner meal... We enjoy and chillaxing with friends, Drinking wine and take a breath of fresh air with a nice weather and atmosphere!

In the morning if you are lucky after a rain you will see a thick fog roll in around your tent along on a nice breeze at sunrise.

Breakfast is basic but good, they served toasted bread, fried rice, egg, minced pork boiled rice, coffee, and Ovaltine. For those of you who like to try a new experience sleeping in the tent surrounded close to 360 views of nature, you must try PAPA GARDEN KHAOKHO PHETCHABUN for a once in a lifetime experience.

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