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Chocolate fine dining serves 6 courses at "MORNING GLORY THE BAKERY HOUSE" in Suanpheung, Ratchaburi

First-time Thaifoodies experiences Chocolate fine dining serves 6 courses

at "MORNING GLORY THE BAKERY HOUSE" in Suanpheung, Ratchaburi Thailand

We were very impressed by Chef Specialty's homemade blended chocolate from Thailand's local products, from many provinces that can grow Theobroma cacao well, such as Nongkai, Phitsanuloke, Korat and Chantaburi. This cocoa has a different taste. Chef Aeh (Pannasorn Patamapinunt), owner of Morning glory The bakery house, blended and mixed cacao in her recipes, and the flavor is really good. She blended cacao wine, cacao tea, and hot chocolate.

Here is a quick look at the delights of the 6-course chocolate fine dining experience

  • Sparkling cocoa wine - The taste is like rose wine, easy to drink and good to start opening your taste buds!

  • Cacao tea - The tea had the amazing aroma of cacao. We loved it!

  • Chocolate fondue - Homemade cacao conche by chef over 78 hours! Served in a hot ceramic pot, the chocolate is very intense and flavorful, served along with fresh Ratchaburi pineapples, oranges, strawberries, grapes, apples, and homemade brioche bread. We dipped everything with quality chocolate. The taste is totally amazing and yummy!

  • Brioche duck breast served with chocolate sauce - The tender and juicy duck breast served on toasted brioche bread, lathered with chocolate sauce, fresh orange, and crispy rice. In this dish, you can taste the crispy texture, sweetness, and sour taste that went very well with duck meat and yummy brioche bread.

  • Pan-seared Salmon Fillet with Chocolate miso sauce - Perfectly cooked salmon, the skin is crispy and the salmon meat is juicy and tender with a beautiful pink color. The chocolate mixed with miso sauce is mild and delicious. Chef Aeh selects from Phitsanuloke province (the taste of cacao at Phitsanuloke is slightly salty) so it goes very well with this main course.

  • Fresh salad - Served along with dried cranberries, chocolate sauce, balsamic vinegar, and crispy bacon

  • Champignon mushroom soup - Chef blended with chocolate craft cream and topped with cacao nibs.

  • Panna cotta with chocolate sauce - A traditional dessert of northern Italy, the bounce texture of this yummy panna cotta poured with chocolate sauce served along with fresh strawberries and yeah! It's yummy!

  • Rare cheesecake on fire - Chef got the inspiration for this dessert dish from a voyage to Japan! 3 kinds of cheese mixed and served in a circle shape along with fresh strawberries and blueberries. This is the most delicious cheesecake in Ratchaburi! The chef caramelized the sugar on the top of the cheesecake, it was crispy on the top while the warm cheesecake melted in my mouth! A heavenly combination with fresh berries!

  • Warm hot chocolate - A bittersweet classic made from the best local chocolate and topped with cacao nibs. It is so good!

This Chocolate fine dining course of 1,290 Thai Baht is a must for those who are chocolate lovers, this one can't be missed!

Morning Glory The Bakery House is one of the most delicious bakeries in Suanpheung, Ratchaburi.

Thaifoodies have been a fan of this bakery for over 5 years! You guys can be sure everything is perfect here.

Don't forget to sample the coconut cake,

croissants, chocolate cake,

and even hamburgers are wonderful!

We highly recommend this chocolate fine dining experience to anyone who loves chocolate!

The atmosphere is beautiful scenery mountain of Suanpheung Ratchaburi, has a nice ambience. The glass house decorations with flowers and elegant chandelier light. These interior ideas the owner get inspiration by France.

Morning Glory The Bakery House is a delightful chocolate fine dining experience in Suanpheung, Ratchaburi Thailand. Chef Aeh's homemade chocolate blends from Thailand's local products are truly unique and delicious.

From sparkling cocoa wine to rare cheesecake on fire, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

With Chef Aeh (Pannasorn Patamapinunt)

For more information : +66 81 355 5567

Map :


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