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Enjoy a cooling breezes along a lovely canal at AKANTUKA Homestay Chantaburi

Akantuka Home Stay in Chantaburi Makham, located right next to the Thungphen canal.  You can enjoy a cooling breezes along a lovely canal at the foot of a towering green mountain.   

We stayed in a Villa Room 40 sqm for 4 people for price 3,416 THB including breakfast. 

The room is big and clean with a roomy terrace featuring a beautiful garden. The room includes 4 big beds, bathroom, refrigerator, and television.   

The resort has a huge swimming pool ready for guests that wish to take a cooling dip.

If you want to have a meal, Akantuka Homestay also has a restaurant next to Thungphen canal. 

They have a wide selection of yummy, local Thai food. 

We sampled the following dishes: - Rice noodles with crab - Sweet and sour tom yum goong served in hot pot  - Stew Curry pork with chamuang leaves

Everything is delicious! The Akantuka homestay Chantaburi also has snacks and drinks ready for sale. While in the area a must-visit for sightseers is the  Khao Banchob waterfall a beautiful natural waterfall very close to the homestay. 

Then, be sure to go to Khao Banchob temple (Wat Khao Banchob) The temple is very peaceful and surrounded by big trees, jungle and, waterfalls. You can pay respects inside the little chapel if you wish with the charming charming Buddha inside.   

After that, you can walk to a fish feeding at spot, perfect for tourists. Another spot you shouldn't miss is a huge 10 meter Tree that is over 100+ years old.   Under the tree is the Heavenly door a natural doorway through which monks walk to receive daily offerings...

After we finished making merit we decided to go to the cafe at #TakehomeCafe Chantaburi next to Chan river.

Take home cafe has a lot of desserts and drinks menu! We enjoyed the nice ambiance and outdoor seating...

The beverages here are amazing!  Try the Rainbow jelly topped with sour milk, Butterfly pea mixed with honey jelly and lime or  Take home mocha, a bitter and strong tasty coffee!

For dessert we recommend cake chocolate brownies, banoffee cake, toffee cake, fruit cake, and cheesecake and if you cannot finish everything. You can take home with friendly package from the cafe. After we finished our cafe-hopping we went back to Akantuka homestay,

we reserved a dinner set for 1,800 THB including

-Steamed Betong chicken -Steamed sea bass with soy sauce : The Big size of fresh sea bass steamed with soy sauce served in a hotpot - yummy! -Steamed prawn served with spicy and sour sauce : Fresh sweet prawns dip with spicy and sour sauce. We had an a la cart 1 more dish of Chicken green curry serve in hot pot. The Chicken was tender and boiled with coconut milk and green curry good, perfect with Thai Jasmine rice.

We recommended you to stay here if you visit Chantaburi Makham, Akantuka Homestay Chantaburi is comfy with a nice atmosphere and yummy food - a must-try! 

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