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MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon offers a cool and inviting ambiance ideal

MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon Café and Eatery is a wonderful establishment with a commendable commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Their collaboration with local farmers in Chiangrai for shade-grown organic coffee cultivation exemplifies their dedication to environmentally conscious practices and superior coffee production, free from synthetic chemicals. The result is a delightful coffee experience, characterized by the richness and complexity inherent in their organic beans.

Nestled within a tranquil garden, MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon offers a cool and inviting ambiance, ideal for a leisurely all-day of relaxation. Whether you are seeking comfort food, baked goods, or a refreshing cup of their renowned organic coffee or a glass of wine, this café and eatery provides the perfect environment to unwind.

Complemented perfectly by a serving of MiVana's Organic Drip Coffee, single origin coffee beans from "Baan Khun Lao" characterized by a light body with tasting notes of prune, brown sugar, and berry-like flavors.

MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon offers many coffee blends and 3 different single origin coffee beans for selection from three villages located in Chiangrai, Thailand: "Baan Khun Lao" / “Baan Huay Krai" and “Baan Rom Yen". They are all high quality, sustainably grown, and have unique flavor profiles. That is why they are excellent choices for coffee lovers. If you are looking for a delicious and authentic Thai coffee experience, I highly

recommend trying one of these three village coffee beans.

Recommended dishes at MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon include the Spaghetti Carbonara in both bacon and chicken variations. The bacon option presents a rich and savory delight, accentuated by the smoky and salty flavors of the bacon.

The Spaghetti Carbonara chicken option, on the other hand, offers a harmonious blend of savory, salty, and creamy notes, culminating in a deeply satisfying experience.

The Khao Soi Tart, a signature Northern Thai curry noodle soup dish, showcases a medley of flavors stemming from a blend of aromatic spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, and chili peppers. Transformed into finger food for convenient consumption, it retains the original essence of this beloved Thai delicacy.

The Burrito: a large flour tortilla filled with spinach, beans, rice, salsa, and cheese.

For dessert enthusiasts, the Mocha Almond Cake delivers a creamy mocha buttercream frosting topped with chopped almonds, while the Bael Fruit Cake offers a moist and flavorful Thai dessert experience, infused with the unique aroma and taste of Bael fruit. The Blueberry Cheese Pie is another must-try,

Their beverage selection is equally impressive, Many COFFEE MOCKTAIL for selection featuring delights such as the Lychee Mojito Coffee, which combines the freshness of lychee with the invigorating essence of peppermint,

and classic favorites like the Coffee Latte and Caramel Macchiato.

Craft cacao: high-quality cacao beans that are sourced directly from farmers. rich in flavor and has a unique character.

Moreover, MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon boasts a curated collection of organic wines, including the Naturalys Pinot Noir, renowned for its elegant and velvety smooth profile.

The White Wine selection, exemplified by the Oxford Landing 100% Sauvignon Blanc, is characterized by its medium body and layers of fresh lemongrass and papaya flavors.

Another gem is the Villa Sandi Prosecco, which enchants with its pale straw yellow color, fruity and floral bouquet, and dry, soft, and savory taste, culminating in a fruity and aromatic finish.

After we finish a perfect meal we had a chance, To add to the allure of this establishment, the 'Shala of Life' on the second floor offers visitors the chance to experience the rejuvenating benefits of sound healing, an ancient practice that promotes overall well-being.

The Shala of Life offers diverse healing sessions, including various forms of breathwork, mindfulness yoga, meditation, crystal healing, and a blend of ancient sound journey like singing bowls and Himalayan Full Moon Bowls, renowned for their profound ability to induce deep relaxation and alleviate chronic stress.

The practitioners at Shala of Life, referred to as "Guides," are dedicated to assisting you in finding inner calm, reconnecting with yourself, and releasing emotional blockages. Visitors can expect to leave MiVana Baan Sathon not just satiated with delectable food and drinks, but also with a sense of rejuvenation and upliftment from their enriching healing experiences.

Located conveniently on Sathon Road (Soi Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 7), MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon is a haven for café enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Don't miss the chance to visit this unique gem.

MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon Open Daily 7.00AM - 8.00PM.

Contact MiVana Coffee Baan Sathon: 061 272 8451

For more information, please visit their website:

Find their location on the map here:


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