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"Exploring the Delights of Rancho Charnvee Resort and Country Club: A Relaxing Oasis"

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Pak Chong, Khao Yai, just a leisurely two-hour drive from bustling Bangkok, lies the enchanting Rancho Charnvee Resort & Country Club Khao Yai. This European-Country style hotel is a haven meticulously crafted for those yearning for a retreat from the urban hustle and bustle.

Our stay at "Rancho Charnvee Resort and Country Club" was truly delightful. The Premier room boasted a comfortable, spacious bed adorned with two plush pillows each, complemented by a cozy sofa couch perfect for leisurely television watching. The working desk area with an adjoining chillaxing balcony and a small dining table overlooking the garden added to the overall appeal.

The room amenities included a well-stocked refrigerator with soft drinks, still water, instant coffee, and tea, complete with a hot boiler machine. A thoughtful touch was the complimentary daily serving of instant noodles.

The clean and well-appointed bathroom featured all necessary toiletry amenities.

The resort's facilities were impressive, featuring a large swimming pool with a pool bar, providing an ideal setting for relaxation. Additionally, a fitness room was available for in-house guests.

We were greeted with a plethora of enticing activities awaiting us. From exploring the sprawling golf course to embarking on adventurous horse rides or thrilling ATV and motorcycle adventures, the resort caters to every whim and fancy of its guests.

A highlight of our stay was dining at the Italian Restaurant "Chez Sonia." The ambiance transported us to a cozy Italian home in Rome, with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

The culinary experience began with freshly baked sourdough bread accompanied by two types of butter, including a delightful truffle butter.

The menu offered a variety of delectable dishes, including the Burrata cheese, served with colorful tomatoes and balsamic vinegar mixed with honey, was a fresh and delightful starter.

Pizza Parma ham with 24 Months, Parma ham and mascarpone cheese, creating a perfect blend of sweetness and savory flavors.

The Anutin pasta, a flavorful combination of al dente pasta stir-fried with vongole, squids, garlic, chili, and anchovy, provided a spicy and salty culinary delight.

The Carbonara, made with authentic Italian ingredients such as egg yolk, Pecorino Romano cheese, pancetta, and black pepper, was a must-try with its complex taste and crispy pancetta.

The dining experience was complemented by a well-chosen red wine, perfectly pairing with the delicious Italian cuisine.

We concluded our meal with Profiterole, airy puff pastries filled with custard and drizzled with a delightful chocolate sauce.

As night fell, we indulged in leisurely strolls around the resort, relishing the tranquil ambiance and marveling at the starlit sky.

The following morning, breakfast offered a delightful spread of both local and international fare, ensuring a satisfying start to our day of adventures ahead.

In summary, Rancho Charnvee Resort and Country Club Khao Yai surpassed our expectations in every aspect, offering a tranquil oasis amidst the breathtaking beauty of Khao Yai. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, this gem in Nakhon Ratchasima is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable retreat in Thailand. Highly recommended!

Call: 044756210



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