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"Rai Song Rao" Khao Kho (Phetchabun) a nice restaurant with a relaxed open-air atmosphere

Thaifoodies recently experienced true happiness in my tummy at "Rai Song Rao" Khao Kho (Phetchabun) a nice restaurant with a relaxed open-air atmosphere set along a lovely rice field and Pha Sorn Kaew mountain.  There are many choices of local Thai food, craft beers and intriguing cider beverages, such as toffee apple, honey tamarind,  and strawberry to quench your thirst on a warm Thai afternoon.

We arrived at Rai Song Rao at lunchtime, and tried

the Chayote soup with minced pork and served in a hot pot. The taste is mild and oh so yummy. 

Next up was a fluffy mushroom omelet deep-fried stuffed with fresh mushrooms,

Cabbage stir fry with fish sauce,

Deep-fried fish with tamarind sauce

"Rai Song Rao" also offers a homestay for guests, 2 - 4 person

starts at 2,000 THB without an air-conditioner. They have still drinking water, refrigerator, with an an indoor bathroom, breakfast is included.

After we had lunch we went to "Wat Trai Poom" to pray and offer respect to Buddha. 

We walk around the temple and took  a few photos...then we headed back to the restaurant in the evening for dinner and to sample the local craft beer.

The restaurant has live music in the evenings.  The food we ordered for dinner really hit the spot, everything was delectable;  especially the deep-fried pork knuckle served with spicy and sour sauce.  The pork is very crispy and is a matches perfectly with beer.

We also enjoyed the grilled sirloin beef with spicy and sour tamarind sauce; The beef is so tender and juicy they grilled it very well. 

Spicy and sour fresh prawn with chayote and egg soup; this dish is reminiscent of Korean kimchi soup. 

Lastly a Rai Song Rao Thai chilli paste served along with vegetables to round out our evening repast.

We really enjoyed the live band while soaking in the relaxing mountain view.

Breakfast is also very good! A buffet serving a sunny side up eggs, fried rice, boiled rice with pork balls, ham and salad with instant coffee and orange juice. You can enjoy a morning view at Rai Song Rao Khao Kho whilst starting your day. 

For more information

Map ไร่สองเรา เขาค้อ เพชรบูรณ์ (Rai Songrao Khaokho Petchabun) :

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