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Thaifoodies and Travel are taking you to our favorite place to enjoy the best omakase in Bangkok

Are you a fan of omakase? Thaifoodies and Travel are taking you to our favorite place to enjoy the best omakase in Bangkok, Thailand. This omakase course at MonoSei, located on the basement floor of Intercontinental Bangkok on Rajdamri Road (BTS Skytrain Chidlom station), features 28 courses that will fill your tummy with a delicious and satisfying experience. The meal begins with a refreshing yuzu sparkling wine to open your palate.

Next, you'll enjoy a cold chawan mushi, a Japanese steamed egg custard topped with tarabagani (Japanese crab). The crab is sweet and fresh, and the custard is light and flavorful.

After that, you'll enjoy a variety of other dishes, including:

  • Steamed lotus root and surimi topped with green bean sauce

  • Monkfish liver

  • Tsukuri, a sashimi course featuring maguro (tuna) chutoro (fatty tuna), botan ebi (sweet shrimp), and hotate (scallop)

  • Wagyu sukiyaki-fu, a Japanese beef hotpot dish made with A5 tenderloin wagyu imported from Bushu

  • Kegani, a hairy crab imported from Hokkaido

  • Clear soup with steamed kinmedai (golden eye snapper)

The tempura course features:

  • Okoze (mushroom)

  • Aji (whitefish)

Tempura imported Japanese fish, this is very crispy and tasty

  • Bafun uni (sea urchin)

If you're a fan of uni, you'll love the uni tempura, which is topped with caviar. The caramelized uni melts in your mouth, and the caviar adds a nice touch of saltiness.

Kuruma Ebi

The tempura course is also served with five different types of salt, including truffle salt.

After the tempura course, you'll enjoy a yuzu sorbet to cleanse your palate.

The sushi omakase course features:

  • Mushi abalone (Japanese abalone)

  • Maguro akami (lean tuna)

  • Grilled Japanese lobster with miso sauce

  • Mozuku seaweed in vinegar sauce

  • Bafun uni with rice and seaweed

  • Maguro otoro (fatty tuna)

  • Anago (sea eel)

  • Soup of the day

  • Tamagoyaki (homemade castella-style egg omelet)

The meal ends with a dessert course of strawberry daifuku served with vanilla ice cream.

Chef Shige Yuki and the staff at "MonoSei" take great care in preparing each dish, and it shows. The food is absolutely amazing, and we can definitely say that MonoSei is our favorite place to enjoy omakase in Bangkok!

28 courses 12,000++ thb

Call +669 4654 6326

Open every Tue - Sun 18.00 - 23.00น. (Close every Monday)

MonoSei > Located inside Intercontinental Bangkok next to Fireplace Grill and Bar

More VDO about MonoSei Omakase course

Map :


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