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Unwind at Chaanburi Boutique resort in Chanthaburi province.

Unwind at Chaanburi Boutique resort in Chanthaburi province.

Chanthaburi is a center of gemstone mining in Thailand, especially rubies and sapphiresTropical fruits are also the main products of the province. The most famous fruit at Chanthaburi is the king of fruit, Durian!

The province also has many places for sightseeing with a beautiful sea, nice waterfalls, peaceful mountains, and many ancient temples...

We are going to bring you to the nice and chillaxing boutique hotel in the town of Chanthaburi, CHAANBURI BOUTIQUE RESORT; The hotel has a nice interior inspired by Sino Portuguese and Colonial architecture, giving the hotel a classic and beautiful look.

The room has a cozy feeling, the bedroom has pool access where you can jump into the swimming pool from right from your room.

The room has a comfy 8-foot King-size bed with a dining table, a safety box, and a bathroom with all the best toiletries, bathrobe, sandals, towels, hot water, and coffee machine are available. The pool access room also has a nice balcony to sit next to the pool where you can chillax by the nice pool and garden!

When you check-in, the staff serves you complimentary hot tea with a pandan leaf waffle to your door!

We had a great time swimming all day!

We decided to explore a nice temple in Chanthaburi.

Wat Yotha Nimit the old temple since 1834, You can visit and see nice art painted around the wall and make respect with to the Buddha.

We came back to the hotel, we decided to have dinner at the Thai restaurant just in front of the Chaanburi hotel area called "PRIK," The restaurant makes us feel like we have a meal at a relative's house. Many kinds of interesting and delectable local Chanthaburi foods at reasonable prices.

We ordered Chamuang vegetable stir fry with pork & chili paste served along with fresh vegetables.

Crispy pork belly stir fry with chili and garlic

Deep-fried prawn with tamarind sauce

Roasted pork with banana in red curry

Pork loin stir fry with lemongrass

Deep-fried Crab cake with lemongrass, served with plum sauce

I guarantee that every dish is delicious! All with a full flavor and original Thai taste!

After we had dinner, we went back to our bedroom, The hotel delivers 2 cups of hot Ovaltine to your door before bedtime.

We had a great good night, enjoying the starlight and moonlight just in front of our balcony.

Breakfast at Chaanburi is super awesome! They have a 5 set for selection, every set is a great value with big portions... you will be sure full until lunch time!

We recommend, "Jasmine Rice topped with mixed seafood" (Khaotom Hang) with soy sauce and fried garlic, the huge prawns, and fresh sea bass dip with salted soya bean sauce. 

Prawn, Fish, or Pork boiled rice tastes mild and tasty. 

American Breakfast set 

Irish breakfast: Bread topped with cooked ham, bacon, and hollandaise sauce 

A choice of (Pork or Prawn) fried rice 

They serve fresh coffee, cappuccino, latte, Americano, or hot cocoa with all breakfasts.

End your breakfast meal with fresh fruits!

Chaanburi Boutique Hotel, another recommended great hotel with pool access in the center of Chanthaburi that you should visit! 

Chaanburi Boutique Hotel Chanthaburi MAP


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