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Benihana at Anantara Riverside - "Eatertainment" at Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort - We

Benihana Review | Thaifoodies.co

If you have never visited a Benihana restaurant the odds are good that you have heard of them. The original Teppanyaki restaurant chain that is now a worldwide phenomenon is a must visit for everyone and again the odds are good that once you visit the first time you will want to go back.

The original "eatertainment" concept is just as much fun now as it was decades ago. The thaifoodies team visited the Benihana at the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort on Krung Thonburi Road Bangkok and we had a blast. Check out the link to Benihana and Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort below, they have two locations in Bangkok.

The Benihana at the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort is spacious and resplendent in design...

Benihana at the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort Website

Benihana Review | thaifoodies.co

Benihana Review | thaifoodies.co

Our chef was the very funny and extremely talented Mr. Poramate and he did not disappoint.

Benihana's "eatertainment" concept is simple but extremely effective and certainly requires a great deal of training. Food is not simply prepared in front of guests but is brought to life through frenetic action, humourous conversation and a dash of guest participation. Our meal consisted of flying seafood, fire-breathing onions, spinning eggs, affectionate rice and deftly sliced beef - all delivered with a smile. So impressive were some of the feats of dexterity that we found ourselves applauding Chef Poramate reflexively. He deserves it!

Benihana Review |thaifoodies.co

The preparation of the food is impressive and so is the taste.

Benihana Review | thaifoodies.co

After a little sake we jumped into the meal!

Benihana Review | thaifoodies.co

We started with some lovely Sushi/Sashimi the Fukuoka Boat - 2 Hamachi 2 Tuna 2 Hokkigai 2 Salmon 2 Tako Sashimi with 6 Spicy tuna maki that was as beautiful to behold as it was to eat.

Benihana Anantara Resort Review | thaifoodies.co

We then enjoyed the show of our chef preparing mouthwatering Black Tiger Prawns, Kurobuta Pork Cutlet, Hiramasa Fish, Australian Tenderloin, Tempura Don, Benihana's signature Hibachi garlic fried rice, prawn tempura and gyoza.

Benihana Review | thaifoodies.co

Check out our Video Review below!

Benihana is an absolute blast, a great family destination where everyone from young to old can enjoy. Head on over, you will thanks us!